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Party Trays

The Dining Car & Market

8826 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA. 19136 215.338.5113
Open 24 hours daily, 7 days a week (Closed on Christmas)
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The Dining Car Menu


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Party Trays

Joe Morozin Sr. opened his very first eatery when he was sixteen years old. The road was paved with hard work, dedication and perseverance. It led from the GI Inn to White Way to the Torresdale Diner to The Dining Car. The Torresdale Diner was originally located at 8828 Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia from 1960 to 1980. In 1979 its name changed to The Dining Car.

Lion's Share Tray

A complete assortment or gourmet style food including 1½lbs. Virginia Ham, 1lb. Corn Beef, 2lbs. Roast Beef, 1lb. Gourmet Turkey Breast, and ½lb. Pepperoni, with 1lb. American Cheese and 1lb. Swiss cheese. Garnished with Pickles and Parsley. Served with side dishes of Cole Slaw (3lbs.), Macaroni and Cheddar Cheese Salad (2lbs.), and Potato Salad (3lbs.). Complete with 1½lbs. of Rye Bread and 2 dozen miniature rolls. This large tray serves 25 guests...$109.95

Wedgie Veggie

An array of fresh Garden Vegetables, beautifully arranged on Salad Greens. Garnished with Olives and complimented with dipping sauce. Serves 20 guests...$36.00

Star Shrimp Enterprise

The Three pounds of our delicious Shrimp Salad surrounded by round Butter Crackers. Garnished with Sweet Pickles. Serves 25 guests...$68.00 

Cheese and Meat Treat

Choice of any two of the following: 1½lbs. each, Virginia Ham, Gourmet Turkey breast, Roast Beef, or Corned Beef . Served with 1½ lbs. of American and Swiss Cheese. Garnished with Cherry Tomatoes. Serves 20 guests...$40.00

Super Nibbler

Cubes of American, Monterey Jack, and Cheddar Cheese (1lb. combined) Complimented with Hot Pepper Rings, Olives, and Jewish pickles. Served with Butter Crackers. Serves 15 guests...$32.00

Fancy Petite Sandwich Trays

All petite sandwiches are made on our own fresh baked miniature rolls and are presented on a tray with complimentary garnish. Choose from:

Turkey, Spinach & Cranberry on Whole Wheat Roll
Tray of 10...$33.00

Ham & Swiss on Rye Roll with Dijon Mustard
Tray of 10...$33.00

Roast Beef & Horseradish Mayo on a Sesame Roll
Tray of 10...$33.00

Corned Beef on a Bagel with Dusseldorf Mustard
Tray of 10...$33.00

Swiss & Monterey Jack Cheese on a Cinnamon Roll
Tray of 10...$33.00

Ham and American Cheese on a Cinnamon Roll
Tray of 10...$33.00

Tuna Salad, Chicken Salad, Egg Salad, and combination trays available.
Also available, Whole Cooked Turkeys, Turkey Breasts, and Whole Hams.

Petite Sweets

Three dozen of our miniatures, beautifully arranged and presented on a tray garnished with candies. Includes Petite Fours, Petite Cream Puffs, and Mini Danish...$30.00

All Butter Cookie Trays

These trays are always a hit. They consist of an array of our most popular Butter Cookies, and Candy Garnish. Three pounds...$27.00, Four pounds...$36.00, Five pounds...$45.00

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